There are lands beyond the Dragon Sea; the Basarji, who had escaped Aduria before any of the other tribes, had made their way there first, before finding Cerilia. Even to this day, their ships still do trade with those lands.

But Djapar is truly shrouded in mystery. Even the traders who find ports there are prevented from going beyond the ports of the Dragon Isles, the barrier islands to the distant continent.

Several races of humanoids live in there, each firmly in their own level of the Dragons’ Caste. At the highest Caste are the Heads of the Dragons, known by outsiders as the Ssarak; these are the Leaders. At the next level, the Arms and Hearts of the Dragons, the Gith. This race has evolved into two competitive branches: the Gith-Yanki, the military might of the land; and the Gith-Zerai, the spiritual advisors of the people. Beneath them are the Hands of the Dragons known as the Ko-Bolds, the servants (and slaves) to the peoples of that Land, and the Voices of the Dragons known as the Ken-Ku, the messengers and entertainers. Finally, lowest of the low and deemed untouchable by the rest, are the Bully-Wugs, the Offal of the Dragons. They manage to survive despite the treatment they receive from the others; some think that the ko-bolds secretly aid them, if only so that there are those to remain beneath them.

Outsiders are not permitted to land in Djapar, and it is highly unusual for anyone to leave that place. The few who have are not able to describe the geography well – such things are kept secret – but say that another race, the Dragons Themselves, exist above the Ssarak, who serve them faithfully. From the tales, the Dragons fashion themselves to be the Avatars of the Gods, and have been known to use their servants and followers to wage war upon each other. Untouched directly by the events at Deismar, it is rumored that their manipulations of arcane magicks was affected just the same as all others, with those that focused on alternative connections – mainly psionic, to a lesser degree primal – taking advantage of the situation to defeat those who did not. It is also rumored that some of these Dragons may have been able to channel the magicks directly, passing them along to their followers as a god to his or her believers.

A handful of nomadic tribes of ssarak can be found in the western deserts of Aduria. It is believed that this was originally a colony from Djapar that had been abandoned. Their being in the west, and Djapar to the east, is a matter of debate for the few who know of the situation; whether the ssarak crossed the land to reach the west, or if there is some passage that allowed them to come from the west, implying a round world, few can say, as the ssarak are not.

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