The Past to the Present:

I. The Lands

The Continent of Cerilia

The Shadowlands

The Forest Deep

Kingdoms under the Mountains

Other Continents

II. The Gods

  • HaelynLord of Noble War; Lawmaker; Patron of Anuire
  • ErikOld Father of the Forests; Patron of the Rjurik
  • SeraLady of Fortune; Goddess of Wealth
  • AvaniGoddess of the Sun; Lady of Reason
  • NesirieGoddess of the Sea; Lady of Mourning
  • RuornilThe Moon God; The Silver Prince
  • CuiraécenStormlord; God of Battle; Haelyn’s Champion
  • EloéleGoddess of Night; Sister of Thieves
  • LaermeGoddess of Fire, Beauty, & Art
  • KrieshaThe Ice Lady; The Winter Witch
  • BelinikPrince of Terror; Lord of Strife

III. The Peoples

The Land-Dwellers

The Fey Courts

Peoples under the Mountains

The Shadow Folk

Beyond the Sea of Dragons


III. The Classes

Divine Powers

Martial Powers

Primal Powers

Psionic Powers

Shadow Powers


IV. History, or the Story Thus Far


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